Download Infinity Cm2 Dongle V2.34 Latest Setup (2022) free

In this article, we will offer you with a download link as well as information about the current setup version of the infinite cm2 dongle. cm2 miracle

is Chinese software that can be used for a variety of tasks. This software, on the other hand, can be used to remove pin lock, pattern lock, and security code. Moreover,

You may even use this app to modify your phone’s IMEI code.

cm2 dongle supervisor

If you are looking for the latest infinity cm2 dongle setup MTK v2.34 version, look no further. We’ll provide you the download link and more information about this software down below.

What CM2 dongle?

The Infinity CM2 Dongle is a dongle-protected software designed for GSM and CDMA devices. Famous ‘Chinese Miracle’ software for MTK / MediaTek, and so forth. Famous ‘Chinese Miracle-2’ software for MTK / MediaTek, SPD / Spreadtrum, RDA / Coolsand, and other platforms.

What is an infinite box dongle?

The Infinity Best Dongle is a flashing and decoding gadget for Nokia phones. The item is a USB Smart-Card reader that comes with an included Smart-Card. The gadget also includes information on how to download software, files, manuals, and drivers.

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Infinity cm2 Dongle Latest Setup v2.34 feauture

Infinity Cm2 comes with some improved functions which are really great. Here are some of them:

  • Google Account lock/FRP lock Remove
  • Pattern locks unlock.
  • Scatter firmware and SSD smartphone read.
  • Remove PIN lock.
  • Privacy locks unlock.
  • Read and write NVRAM file.
  • Unlocks Country lock.
  • Change IMEI code.
  • IMEI code repair.
  • Read and write bin file.
  • PAC firmware writes.
  • Baseband problem repair

Greed news for Chinese miracle Cm2 Spreadtrum Unisoc module-Ver2.00R1/InfinityBox CM2SP2!

Latest Spd Cpu Add List/information

Hot Sc9863 example Itel A46 android version 9.00 Big update

SC7731E, Remove Google account lock, read phone all personal data. Simple way to Write flash/firmware

SC9853i,New SC9850kh,New SC9850k,New SC9832e, Frp lock remove, Write flash,read flash file.

 Download Infinity Cm2 Dongle V2.34 Latest Setup (2022)
Download Infinity Cm2 Dongle V2.34 Latest Setup (2022)

How to set up a CM2 dongle?

  • How to Install and Use the Infinity-Box Dongle
  • Connect the dongle to your computer’s USB port.
  • Open the Dongle Manager folder and run DongleManager.exe to extract the contents of the zip file.
  • Click the Update Firmware tab when the Infinity Dongle Manager dashboard appears.
  • Press the Update button.
  • The update procedure will be interrupted by a window requesting you to register (click Yes to register if you’re not)
  • Fill in your name and email address, then click. Register
  • The firmware update procedure should be restarted, and the smart card firmware version should be updated to the most recent version.

How to get a username and password for the Infinity cm2 dongle Online Service (IOS)?

  • When the firmware update is finished, go to the Serial Number S/N tab.
  • Select the Read Online Service option. Select Username / Password from the dropdown menu and then click Process
  • Your IOS username and password will be displayed.
  • To log in, go to the Infinity Online Service (IOS) site at

CM2 Modules Download and Installation

  • After you’ve configured the dongle, go to here download it
  • the module(s) you want to install.
  • Unzip the zipped file.
  • To finish the installation, run the exe and follow the steps.

Important Reminder
Before disconnecting from the PC, close all open modules and eject the dongle (from the system tray).

How to use Infinity Cm2 Dongle V2.34 Latest Setup (2022)

One of the simplest ways to fix your smartphone is with Infinity cm2. There are numerous Infinity cm2 versions available now. However, the majority of them are forgeries that include malicious code. You can get the most recent version of this software from our website. However, because it is the most recent version, we prefer v2.00. Before you begin, please ensure that you have the following items:

Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC requirements

Minimum space for software modules is 455 megabytes.

Two free USB drives are provided.

FTDI drivers and smart card drivers (e-qate). The older version of the e-qate drivers will be superior.

The cm2 dongle is a feature-rich program. As a result, you must use it correctly. The Infinity cm2 dongle comes in two varieties. They are the Test and Release versions. The test version is the previous one, although it has a lot of new features. On the other hand, the newly published version includes all of the most recent upgrades as well as access to the support areas. As a result, the newest version will be superior. Here is a step-by-step guide for downloading the latest cm2 dongle setup MTK v2.21 version:

Step 1: Download the necessary setup files.

  • Download the infinity cm2 dongle setup files. It is preferable if you obtain the files from
  • our internet site It could be found on a variety of websites on the internet. However, the majority of the website
  • delivers incorrect and forged webpage links Some of the links, on the other hand, contain the
  • A dangerous virus that is extremely damaging to your device.

Step 2: Save the files to your computer.

  • Extract the files you previously downloaded for setup. Now, on your computer, extract the files.
  • Create a folder file location and use it.

Step 3: Set up the USB Driver and Dongle Manager.

  • Install the Dongle/Infinity box as well as the FTDI drivers. You can, however, utilize the Pkey drivers.
  • to separate dongles from card readers Furthermore, the previous e-qate will be more effective at preventing
  • any kind of issue Furthermore, you can have drivers downloaded automatically from the internet if necessary.
  • You use Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Step 4: Turn Off Your Phone

  • Turn off your phone and then hit the Power, Volume Rocker, and Home buttons simultaneously.
  • at the same time This will bring up the download page on your device. Following that, you will enter the
  • manner of download In the download page, you will see a warning about custom operating systems. Click the
  • Continue by pressing the volume button.
  • Connect Your Phone to Your Computer in Step 5
  • Use a USB cord to connect your phone to your computer. Now, right-click on Dongle manager and select Properties.
  • and select Run as administrator. If the device was properly connected, the message “Added” will appear.
  • message in the text box
  • Load the firmware files in step six.
  • Create two files in your PC called Dongle Manager and Languages. Then proceed to the
  • Insert a USB drive and load the desired firmware file onto the USB device. Then, duplicate “English.ini.”
  • and then paste it into the ddC:Infinity Box Dongle Manager Languages. The driver will then send the
  • files on your phone, and it will begin to flash. It will take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.
  • perform the entire procedure

Step 7: Update the Dongle Firmware

  • Now navigate to your USB disk and select your selected dongle firmware. Then select Dongle Firmware.
  • upgrade. A registry tab will then appear. Complete the upgrade process by entering your name and email address.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully upgraded your phone’s ROM. Your phone will completely
  • after a flare of light Download the most important software, such as Google Player, browser, and so on.
  • Downloader, etc., from your PC and install them on your phone via the USB port. You deserve congratulations.
  • have successfully completed the installation procedure You can now utilize it how you see fit.

Why Use the Infinity CM2 Version?

From the start, the Infinity dongle is quite helpful. However, the recently released cm2 version is

better and more user-friendly It has several new features. It does, however, come with an

enhancements to earlier features The following are the features of the infinity cm2 dongle:

1. enhanced firmware verification
2. Google reset security.
3. Improved flashing patterns
4. New unique security elements have been incorporated.
5. Better FixDL operation.
6. Other bug fixes and brand-specific modifications.

Infinity CM2 is an excellent tool for a wide range of tasks. Such software is quite difficult to come by.

This will assist you with all of your phone’s hardware troubles the other hand,

This tool is completely safe for your phone and will never harm it. So, if you’re going to use

This page will assist you in setting up the software. Please let us know if you have any concerns.

Any issues in downloading the cm2 dongle latest setup MTK v2.34 version setup file?

Download Infinity CM2 dongle latest version

File Size Date
[dir]archive 12 days old [dir] 2022-Aug-20
[dir]CM [dir] 2022-May-01
[dir]other [dir] 2022-Jun-17
[dir]SM [dir] 2022-Aug-07
[7z]InfinityBox_install_AST_v1.03.7z 8.0 MB 2017-Nov-12
[7z]InfinityBox_install_CM2MT2_boot-pack_v2.34.7z 12 days old 332.0 MB 2022-Aug-20

134.8 MB 2022-Mar-14
[7z]InfinityBox_install_CM2MT2_v2.35.7z 2.6 days old 117.7 MB 2022-Aug-29
[7z]InfinityBox_install_CM2MTK_v1.58.7z 45.6 MB 2016-Oct-06
[7z]InfinityBox_install_CM2QLM_v1.16.7z 106.7 MB 2017-Dec-15
[7z]InfinityBox_install_CM2RDA_v1.06.7z 6.8 MB 2017-Aug-24
[7z]InfinityBox_install_CM2RKT_v2.02.7z 31.3 MB 2020-Jun-13
[7z]InfinityBox_install_CM2SCR_v1.07.7z 12.2 MB 2020-Dec-14
[7z]InfinityBox_install_CM2SP2_boot-pack_v1.10.7z 170.5 MB 2022-Aug-15
[7z]InfinityBox_install_CM2SP2_v2.14.7z 25.9 MB 2022-Apr-22
[7z]InfinityBox_install_CM2SPD_v1.27.7z 18.3 MB 2017-Jun-30
[7z]InfinityBox_install_DataExplorer_v1.12.7z 10.2 MB 2022-Jun-29
[7z]InfinityBox_install_LGS_v1.03.7z 27.7 MB 2017-Apr-30
[7z]InfinityBox_install_Pinout_v2.09.7z 166.5 MB 2022-May-23
[7z]InfinityBox_install_Updater_v1.05.7z 984.5 KB 2021-Dec-09
[7z]InfinityBox_PlatformDetector_v1.00.7z 1.2 MB 2017-Mar-28
[7z]InfinityBox_update_CM2MTK_Supplementary-files-package_v1.58.7z 1.7 MB 2017-Jul-09