Nic vpn beta apk fastdns latest download | NicVPN beta 6 apk free Unlimited internet 2022 any simcard – NicVPN [beta 6] apk new version

Nicvpn apk fastdns | NicVPN [beta 6] apk fast dns free Unlimited internet 2022 any simcard – NicVPN [beta6] apk new version

NicVPN [beta] apk is VPN apk/app that allows you to browse while getting around these sorts of restrictions by finding your IP some other place. New Version NicVPN [Beta6] apk server list errrors fixed

Nic Vpn Beta APK Free Download NicVPN fast dns free Unlimited internet 2022;- Download Nic Vpn Beta Download free for Android Phone and Tablets. Nicvpn apk fastdns | NicVPN [beta] apk fast dns free Unlimited internet 2022 any simcard – NicVPN [beta6] apk new version High rated, Recently updated Android Apps of the Month.

Nic VPN APK download fix errors while load servers! Please click below retry

Latest Nic Vpn Beta Download 2022 version update available. Best Pro Apps, Nic Vpn Beta Download Lite APK app for PC and Mac Laptops.

nic vpn beta 6 apk server list errors fixed, there are several servers that are down will be fixed or new ones added tomorrow…now you can update the list or access the application without problems

Nic Vpn Beta APK Free Download NicVPN fast dns

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The all-in-one NicVPN beta 6 apk tunneling, firewall & proxy bypassing, anonymization and anti-censorship resolution allows you to arrange working and unrestricted

NicVPN Beta 6  apk server list errrors fixed

Nicvpn APK fastdns | NicVPN [beta] APK quick DNS free Limitless web 2022 any Simcard

NicVPN [Beta6] apk FIX: Feature issue

  • Android 12 compatibility issue resolved.
  • A problem with saving values for the UDP M+ configuration.
  • FastDNS and UDP M+ can now be used with any proxy port.
  • Fixed an issue where the application was closing after loading the first page on some Android 6,7,8,10 phones.
  • Resolved the issue where the small screen’s initial installation page prevented the user from proceeding to the subsequent screens.
NicVPN [beta] apk
Nicvpn apk fastdns | NicVPN [beta] apk quick dns free Limitless web 2022 any simcard

▶️Fastdns NicVPN [Beta6] apk?

I decided to launch this version because I remembered something and I think that to integrate SlowDNS it will take more time, because NICVPN does not have TCP protocol for that reason I have to do it and that is why I launched this version unexpectedly because I remembered that I need more time maybe I will finish it by Monday but maybe not, for that reason I preferred to launch now.

SlowDNS method still doesn’t work in the next version it should already be working.

NicVPN [Beta6] apk Feature problem FIX:

  • * Android 12 issue fixed.
  • * Saving problem to save the values ​​for UDP M+ configuration
  • * You can now use any proxy port for FastDNS and UDP M+
  • * Fixed problem android 6,7,8,10 on some phones the application was closed after loading the first page.
  • * Solved problem of small screen first installation page did not allow to continue to other screens.



Servers called ReverseDNS will be added soon not available yet will be available soon, this server is unstable the connection but you can use it in FastDNS and also in UDP M+ it can work in a different way but unstable.

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How to download and setup NicVPN Beta apk

This app additionally gives a predominant information bundle for individuals who want solely sporadic connectivity, however it might probably nonetheless be prolonged for individuals who want to make use of the app for an extended period of time.

You will not must do any kind of setup to start out shopping. NicVPN [beta] apk will assign you a random nation and server you can change from the settings menu if vital. With this app, you may connect with the Web freely 24 hours a day and browse all of the web sites you would not in any other case have entry to, with no time limitations in any way. It’s more than your freedom

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