{Free Download} ZTE Blade A510 firmware scatter flash file via SPFlashTools

ZTE Blade A510 firmware, ZTE Blade A510 flash file

Free Download ZTE Blade A510 firmware scatter flash file via SPFlashTools And so, the notorious ZTE Blade A510, a rather capricious device in terms of firmware, I will try to explain as much as possible about the firmware method, as well as consider the nuances that may appear as a result of the firmware. Be very careful when flashing, as not careful actions can lead to fatal consequences, the most common is the failure of the touchscreen. In this device, you will have to change the entire display module. But let’s not talk about sad things. Let’s get started.
From the beginning, we need to determine the revision of the device, it is determined by the display model using the Device Info HW program, look at the first tab, item display.

  • If the display is hx8394f_720p_lead_dsi_vdo, then this is the first revision and supports firmware of any bit depth, that is, 32bit and 64bit
  • If the display is hx8394d_720p_lead_dsi_vdo, then this is the second revision and only supports 32-bit

after flashing the wrong bit depth, the screen will not start after the firmware, the solution is to change to the desired bit depth based on the display model. We decided on the bit depth and its consequences.
Further, a very important nuance, do not neglect this, with the firmware there is a (very) high probability of killing the touchscreen controller, after which it will not work, the solution to this problem is the replacement of the display module. A separate post is devoted to this. To avoid this, you need to turn it off (disassemble the phone, disconnect the cables, work with plastic tools in order to avoid short circuits) before flashing through SPFlashTools. we act like this:

  • Disconnect the battery
  • Disable the touchscreen
  • Connect the battery
  • We flash through SPFlashTools.
  • We turn on we check whether the screen has started, if not, we select the firmware (probably we made a mistake in the bit depth)
  • Turn off the phone (by disconnecting the battery)
  • We connect the touchscreen
  • Connect the battery

This will save you unnecessary waste on the purchase of a display module.
Devices are sewn on the MTK platform as usual, in the download only mode without a preloader (on the screen I am flashing a 32-bit firmware due to the change of the display module)

in the end, you will see such a hefty daw, which indicates a successful end of the process.

ZTE Blade A510 firmware

Next, click download and connect the switched off phone to the computer

Download Links

Flasher (SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1820_Win.7z)
Drivers (MTK_drivers.7z)

32-bit firmware

Firmware (ZTE_Blade_A510_B04RUx32 (FT) .7z)
Firmware (ZTE_Blade_A510_B05RUx32 (FT) .7z)


64-bit firmware

Firmware (ZTE_BLADE_A510_B01RUx64 (FT) .7z)
Firmware (ZTE_BLADE_A510_B03RUx64 (FT) .7z)

A nuance, the other day there was a similar device (of the second revision), it was not determined by the system without a touchscreen, respectively, to flash it (at that moment I did not need the firmware to format the FRP) it will not be possible, I will have to sew at my own peril and risk …



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