13 March 2022 – Kikosi cha Simba dhidi ya RS Berkane Line Up

Kikosi cha Simba dhidi ya RS Berkane 13 March 2022 Line Up

Kikosi cha Simba dhidi ya RS Berkane 13 March 2022 Line Up, Kikosi cha Simba sc leo vs RS Berkane, Kikosi cha Simba dhidi ya RS Berkane, Kikosi cha Simba leo March 13, 2022

Simba Sports Club is a football club based in Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Founded in 1936, the club was called Queens and later changed their name to Eagles, then to Sunderland. In 1971 they were renamed Simba. Simba is one of the two biggest clubs in Tanzania, alongside cross-city rivals Young Africans

Renaissance Sportive de Berkane (Arabic: النهضة الرياضية البركانية) commonly known as Nahdat Berkane or RS Berkane for short, is a Moroccan sports club based in Berkane, Morocco. The club’s football team is currently playing in the first division of Moroccan championship Botola. The club finished in 2nd place in the Botola 2 in the 2011–12 season, which led to the promotion to the first division.

Kikosi cha Simba dhidi ya RS Berkane

  1. Aishi Manula
  2. Shomari Kapombe
  3. Mohammed Hussein Zimbwe Jr
  4. Hennock Inonga Baka
  5. Joash Onyango
  6. Mzamiru Yassin
  7. Peter Banda
  8. Sadio Kanoute
  9. Meddie Kagere
  10. Benard Morrison
  11. Pape Osmane Sakho

History Simba dhidi ya RS Berkane

The club was founded in 1938 under the name of Association Sportive de Berkane. In 1953, the club was named Union Sportive Musulmane de Berkane.

In 1966 it was renamed Union Sportive de Berkane and in the same year, a new club was founded under the name of Chabab Riadhi de Berkane.

1971, both teams merged to make Renaissance Sportive de Berkane (Nahdat Berkane). This merger was beneficial for the club, it entered the 1st division in 1977–78.

The RSB regained its spot in the first moroccan division in 2012, under the presidency of Fouzi Lekjaa, who ran the club since 2009.


In 2018, RS Berkane won its first ever title, the Moroccan Throne Cup

Berkane have been making steady progress over the years, culminating with their first continental silverware. After their Confederation Cup campaign ended at the quarter-final stage in 2018, they went further in 2019 and lost the final to Zamalek.


Kikosi cha Simba dhidi ya RS Berkane 13 March 2022 Line Up

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