Dump Tool By HalabTech new 2022 Download Backup/Restory/Flashing

DUMP Tool by halabtech is a tiny Windows tool that allows you to read data from any Android smartphone device (requires root), dump system firmware, and create Samsung stock firmware. You may also use the ADB technique to check the Android Device Root Status and Reset the Device.

Features Dump Tool By HalabTech:

  • Scan Port
  • Info
  • Read
  • Select Storage
  • Dump
  • Zero
  • Backup Folder
  • Clear Log button
  • Device manager

How To Use Dump Tool By HalabTech?

  • To begin, you must first download the zip file from the following website.
  • Then, on the c: disk, unzip all of the files. This is critical.
  • Then, open the folder where you’ll be extracting all of your files.
  • Start the “PartitionsTool.exe” program.
  • Next, you must root your device in order to utilize the application on your computer; otherwise, the utility will not work.
  • Connect the phone and do any function you want.
  • Have fun!!!

Download the Dump Tool By HalabTech link


README once:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 are all compatible with the tool (32-bit and 64-bit).

Take a Backup: If you want to test out the aforementioned tool, make a backup of your personal data on your Android smartphone or tablet first. The device may be bricked if any Firmware or Recovery is flashed.

The developer produced and distributes the Dump Tool By HalabTech. As a result, the developer deserves full credit for making the tool available for free.