M.A.X Tool Version 2020.3.14.0 auto login free download

M.A.X Tool Version 2020.3.14.0 is a simple Windows application. It enables users to bypass or unlock their Mi account on any Xiaomi device. All smartphones having a MediaTek or Qualcomm base CPU can be unlocked or flashed. Please go here for further information on the tool.

M.A.X Tool Version 2020.3.14.0 future

M.A.X Tool Version 2020.3.14.0 is an easy-to-use one-click firmware flashing and unlocking tool for Mi Account and Frp.

  • Safe Flashing

It allows users to effortlessly flash all Qualcomm or MediaTek phones without the fear of a dead device or a bricked device.

  • FRP Unlock

It allows you to unlock the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock on all Xiaomi smartphones with a single click. This action can also be done in fastboot mode.

  • Mi Account Unlock

You can unlock your Mi account from any Xiaomi smartphone. All it takes is a simple click.

  • Fastboot To Edl

It allows you to quickly boot your Qualcomm device into EDL mode without having to open the back cover or disassemble the phone. This procedure aids in the preservation of your Xiaomi phone’s warranty.

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How To Use M.A.X Tool Version 2020.3.14.0 V1.3?

  1. To begin, you must first download the zip file from the following website.
  2. Then, on the c: disk, unzip all of the files. This is critical.
  3. Then, open the folder where you’ll be extracting all of your files.
  4. Start the “XiaomiFireTool.com.exe” program.
  5. If you already have all of the drivers installed, you may skip this step.
  6. Connect the phone and do any function you want.
  7. Have fun!!!

The following are the download link of M.A.X Tool Version 2020.3.14.0:



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