New Remark Matric Results 2022/2023

Get the grades you deserve so that you can receive your matriculation certificate. Learn more about Recheck vs. Remark for Matric Results here.

It is not the end of the world if you do not get the desired matric results. You can still request that your grades be rechecked or remarked. Learn more about the difference between Rechecking and Remarking for Matric Results and how it can help you get the grades you deserve.

What exactly is a Recheck?

A recheck is when your marks for a specific matric paper or subject are double-checked. All answers and mark distribution will be calculated and checked to ensure that the correct score was assigned. A recheck will cost R27 per subject.

What exactly is a Remark?

A remark is made when an entire exam answer sheet is marked over again. Each subject costs R112 for a remark. It is more expensive because the answer sheet must be marked and the marks assigned must be calculated.

How to Request a Recheck or Remark

You must apply online for a recheck and remark. But don’t take any chances. You only have a short time after the matric results are released to request this. These dates have not yet been announced, but they are typically a week after the results are released.

In a classroom, a teacher is marking answer sheets. Read on to learn more about Recheck vs. Remark for Matric Results.

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The Value of a Recheck/Remark

You’ve already dealt with the stress of the exam, and the thought of remarking and rechecking is too much trouble. However, those few percentages could be the difference between you and admission to a university. The following are some of the advantages of a remark and recheck:

Obtain the grades you deserve – Everyone makes errors. If the marker missed a mark, this is your chance to make up the difference.

Opportunity to enroll in the required course – Do you want to enroll in a course but do not meet the prerequisites? Request a recheck or a remark. It could be exactly what your results require.

It may raise your APS – You may believe that a percentage increase is insignificant. However, there is a distinction between a bachelor’s degree and a diploma pass. Remark or recheck your APS to improve it.

Consider the Supplementary Exam as your third option.

So you know you may not have studied as much as you should have, but you still want to get better grades. Request a supplementary exam. The Department of Basic Education has announced that the deadline for submitting supplementary exam applications is March 12, 2021. Find out if you qualify and improve your grades. Don’t forget to study for your supplementary exam as well.

Obtain the Grades You Deserve

You will always have a place with us, regardless of the outcome of the results. Speak with one of our course experts to learn how to get started on one of our many exciting courses. You may: