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Perseus Bypass – How to unlock-bypass samsung kg locked MDM with Perseus Bypass Official Guide of Install

Perseus Bypass Official Guide of Installand Instructions


1) Device must be on Android 11 + if you have Android 10 or lower you need to upgrade
to at least Android 11 you can do that following this guide

2) Device Requirements: Void 0, KG Status: LOCKED OR NORMAL no other status is
supported for now, FRP must be off, for developments on this you can check our
official channel: https://t.me/perseusofficial

3) Device can’t be either tampered or rooted otherwise you will get an Android error.

4) Stable Wi-Fi Connection home Wi-Fi 4g Access Points are supported but the user
takes responsibility on the success of the process since it depends on the network
connection it has to be stable while using our services.

5) Official Samsung Drivers you can download those here:

6) A PC Running Windows 10 with an updated browser Google Chrome is
recommended but any modern browser should work.

7) PC can’t be running adb services when using our services please check your task
manager and look for any adb.exe process running on the background this will
affect the activation process , so please be certain that you meet all these
requirements before using our bypass.



8) You can check download mode to see if your device is on kg status locked or normal
9) Make sure your device CAN take a hard reset via recovery meaning it can follow this
video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D51xCQtPFw8



Please follow the guidelines on the document labeled instructions before doing a

1) Check by entering recovery mode (if you don’t know how watch this video)

2) Check Download mode before buying (if you don’t know how to enter download
mode watch this video)

Values MUST be like the ones below.
– Samsung Official
– FRP OFF (you can remove it if it’s on)
– KG Status: Locked/Checking/Prenormal if purchasing or other products for
non-locked devices.
– OEM Lock: ON
– Warranty Void or Warranty Bit: 0

3) If during the scan/install process you see IT Code error that’s related to the integrity
of the policies or user intervention during this. Or that you currently have Android
10. You need to update to at least Android 11 One UI 3 to bypass a device.
*Follow the video as-is and you will never have issues*
Here is the Install Video without commentary and also below instructions written in
case you need to translate them.
Official Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmaSOxoF8sM
– Scan QR code by tapping 6 times on the blank screen, enter your WiFi Credentials
– After the scan (it takes some time on slow connections or VPN tunnels)
– Tap Next in the following screens without usb wire despite what I did on video you
should search for “adb.exe” on task manager before going into the website.
– Close software that uses adb or usb.
– Connect your phone and type activate a prompt will appear on top left of the screen.
Any modern browser works fine.

Then you will see a prompt appear on your phone grant permission then grant it to the
battery usage one. Device will reboot and you are free to use it.
IF and only IF you get auto reboots in a loop meaning that its really annoying
then head here.
(Knox Switch)
Just tap Perseus and it will throw you into a reboot switching the mode of knox.
If the error persists during the scan you need to check somethings first on your end

1) Stable Wi-Fi connection can be slow to download but stable.

2) Good USB C Wiring

3) ONLY USE https://perseusbypass.com or https://www.perseusbypass.org we DON’T
have more domains for activation of devices.

4) Perform a full wipe or format your device via recovery

5) If this fails, then just finish the setup wizard and leave Knox restore your damaged
policies. Then perform a hard reset via recovery again.

6) If your device loops during the Install process you either changed IMEI or have a E-
SIM both must go out and let support know about your situation.

To fix IT Code caused for user intervention on KC (Knox Client) , simply do this :1.
Let the Device finish the setup wizard , the lock will appear, Tap on the ? icon and then
on the blue one with 2 arrows, that will restore your damaged Knox Policies.
Boot to recovery and do Wipe Data / Factory reset, Wipe cache, Boot to system
Scan your QR code again, now in this case is most likely that you have a Android
problem and can contact support with your QR Code (valid) at hand.
Reboots when unlocking the Screen
They will happen while you don’t get the service ticket, bad firewalling is one way to
not get it, use it normally during this period.
This was fixed tis year and its now on the past, still if you happen to have the issue
Knox Switch video to fix it, other errors are user triggered like wiping Perseus cache or
obvious harmful things like hard reset.

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