best 31 of the Happiest Jobs – Coolest Jobs (Happiest Jobs) In The World 2022-2023

One consideration to make when researching careers is the level of happiness other employees find in them. Some jobs may offer a happier environment, depending on whether they use your skills and give you a sense of meaning. Understanding what can create the potential for happiness in a career can help you find an enjoyable job. In this article, we discuss what makes some jobs happier than others and list 31 of the happiest jobs you can do.

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What are the happiest jobs?

The happiest jobs are those in which employees feel fulfilled and content with their work. These jobs have high levels of satisfaction because of several factors, such as creativity and working outside. Because each individual has their own set of skills and interests, happy jobs vary from person to person, but some factors that lead to a higher work happiness score include:

  • Sense of meaning in work

  • Personality fit

  • Excellent salary

  • Skills utilization

  • Work environment

  • A great relationship with supervisors and coworkers

Coolest Jobs (Happiest Jobs) In The World 2022/2023

Being employed in your favourite job is one of the best things that can happen in your entire career span. Even if you are not paid high, the amount of happiness that you experience cannot be explained in words.

As there are few things which even, money can’t buy and one such thing is the job satisfaction and the happiness that you get doing your job.

Here is the list of top 20 Happiest Jobs you can have along with their salaries.


20 Happiest Careers for those Who Enjoy Their Work:

1. Pastor:

Career is viewed by many people as a ladder to become wealthy. Payscale has concluded that Clergy members are ones who earn TZS 3,045,500 on a yearly basis and also find their jobs satisfied and meaningful.

Nearly 89% of members mentioned that they were satisfied with their jobs and 68% opened up that the job was stressful.

There are few pastors who gain low salaries but when large congregations are accomplished they get their best salary.

A survey was conducted by Warren Bird in the year 2014 on church finances where he told the religion-based job’s compensation is very high. It was concluded that a high level of job satisfaction and meaning was found in religious activities as well as education director jobs.

2. Social worker:

Social workers do not get a handsome salary where the average salary for a master’s degree in that field is considered to be TZS 3,057,400.

Social workers are ones who work with mentally ill people and gain a salary of TZS 3,041,200.

In this discussion, it is said that nearly 86% possess meaningful work whereas 72% have a stressed career.

Few hassles would be compression fatigue and burnouts amongst the social workers. The national association of social workers opened up that 19% of the people are at stress for a low pay.

3. Firefighters:

The firefighter is one such job that involves saving the lives of many people out there in danger. In that aspect, the job is loved and accepted by many people.

A firefighter is a prestigious and heroic job for many people and hence, people love the job and are satisfied to work for this job.

4. Physical therapist:

A physical therapist job gives exposure to the outside world as the therapist meets up a number of people each day.

The therapists are happy and satisfied as they meet the public and get the opportunity for social interaction. In that aspect people who work as therapists are happy and love to do their jobs.

5. Authors:

Though the pay is relatively low, the happiness of being an author and writing out what pops up in his mind is exceptional.

Penning down their thoughts from one’s mind is the happiness that authors gain and love their job. Being an author is prestigious and almost all authors love their job.

6. Kindergarten teacher:

Harvard study conducted in 2010 stated that kindergarten teachers are likely to earn a hike in salary.

Irrespective of the salary these teachers love to do their jobs as it involves shaping the career of small children. It is said that the job was meaningful and 89% love to do their jobs.

7. Artists:

Another category of job satisfaction and love for there is accomplished by artists as they bring out their thoughts as pictures and sculptures.

They are happy to do their job and satisfied with what they do. They are enthusiastic about their occupation and love to do their job.

8. Veterinary jobs:

People who are passionate about animals and love to work for them are ones who love veterinary jobs. There are many jobs available if you love animals.

The technicians and technologists at veterinary hospitals treat and serve the infected and wound animals which are a service for the animals and that offers them job satisfaction.

9. Music director or composer:

With so many jobs which we love to do, a music direction is a type of field where the music director brings out happiness and joy in the form of music.

Music directors work individually or in orchestras, churches, schools and more where they don’t get high pay but are satisfied and happy with what they do as an occupation.

10. Operating engineers:

Operating engineers are ones who work along with bulldozers, scrapers, shovels, large pumps, air compressors, large pumps, front end loaders, backhoes and more.

It seems that they are happy working with this equipment which are large and find their job happy and satisfied.

11. Financial services sales agent:

It is said that nearly 65% of financial services sales agent are happy and satisfied with their jobs.

The main can be that in a 40 hour of work week they are making an achievement to clear about TZS 3,090,000 per year. They also have a favourable office environment and so they are satisfied and able to achieve in their work.

12. Psychologists:

The field of psychologists also proves that the professionals are happy to do their job and gratified as they meet various people from a different category.

The main motive here is that they are able to solve other issues in many cases. They are able to read the psychology of others and so psychologists love their job and happy to work for it.

13. Designer:

The designer is a job that people love, one who has a lure for designing. They have the freedom in their work to design their thoughts and bring it to light.

In that manner, designer jobs are one category of jobs that is loved by many people as a profession.

14. Software developer:

A software developer is a job where the engineer can work with freedom and make his innovations in development.

Software development is a loved job by many professionals as they have complete liberty at work and also are paid very well. The work environment provided to them is very flexible.

15. CAD/3D Modeler:

A CAD/3D modeller is one kind of job category where prototypes are to be designed and the present designs are to be enhanced and improved.

People can put forward their ideas and thoughts in such kind of work. In this way, the freedom to work according to their thoughts is possible and so many people love this job.

16. Photographer:

It has been a passion for many who loved photography to opt for this profession. Photography is a profession which admires and enjoys each and every scene that happens in front.

In that manner, many people who love to admire and enjoy, choose photography and are happy with the job.

17. Loan officers:

A loan officer is another category and a famed job designation. They are ones who have the capability to get the loans done, in that aspect they receive a number of compensations and rewards when loans are achieved.

People love and enjoy being a loan officer for the various advantages in the job.

18. Quality analyst:

Recent surveys have found that quality analysts have been rated high in terms of satisfaction factors.

Quality analysts jobs are rated high as they get the chance to work with colleagues, and bosses with independence.

19. Research:

People who love to explore and get beyond boundaries are ones who jump into the research field.

They try to bring something new and innovative or enhance an already existing innovation, in that manner people in the research sector love their jobs and are happy to accomplish it for its freedom and urge to find something new.

20. Team leader:

Being a team leader is another important section that people love and enjoy. They like the position as a leader and controlling the complete team.

They enjoy the way tasks are delegated and monitoring the whole team. The work completed and succeeded as a team is another aspect, where people love to work in a team. Team leader is loved and much enjoyed job by many groups of people.

10 World’s Happiest Jobs:

Not all are so lucky to have a job in the sector which they love. But still, most people are employed, in such a situation there arises the question like what is the difference between a job and work.

However, both the words convey the same meaning but there is a slight difference between the terms work and job. Even most professionals struggle to draw a line between work and job.

As per a survey, when you do a work which you are passionate about or which you like, then it can be termed as job and when you do a job which you do not like, it can be said as work. Another important factor that differentiates both of them is the happiness that you acquire.

There are surely a lot of factors that define your job as happiest, some of them are

  • Work environment
  • Type of work
  • Your co-workers
  • Company culture
  • and of course your salary

Here are a few world’s happiest careers,

  1. Principal
  2. Executive chef
  3. Loan officer
  4. Automation Engineer
  5. Research assistant
  6. Oracle database operator
  7. Website developer
  8. Business development executive
  9. Senior software engineer
  10. Systems developer

Most Satisfying Jobs:

Being employed is one of the best things, but getting a job which you love is truly satisfying. The jobs which pay you well cannot be the most satisfying job. There are lot of other factors which make the job a good one.

The feeling which you get when the work you do matters and the sense of fulfillment is what that gives you complete job satisfaction.

Provided here is a list of jobs in which employees reported themselves as most satisfied:

  1. Authors
  2. Office supervisors
  3. Firefighters
  4. Psychologists
  5. Painter, sculptors, related
  6. Clergy
  7. Operating engineers
  8. Teachers
  9. Special education teachers
  10. Education administrators
  11. Office supervisors
  12. Physical therapists
  13. Security and financial services salespersons

Final Words:

In this manner, there are many jobs that are available and loved by people. Few people feel great, enthusiastic and excited to start each day and get to jobs, but others aren’t.

The main reason is that many people don’t love their jobs and so they do not enjoy the same. It is mandatory to get paid for a meaningful job, so that good output and satisfaction can be obtained.

The above-said careers are a few where people have a passion and consider it as a true career to work for. It would thus be a smart way if people can opt for jobs they love instead of working for jobs on compulsion or for salary.

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31 of the happiest jobs

Here is a list of 31 of the happiest jobs you can consider pursuing:

1. Teaching assistant

National average salary: $26,243 per year

Primary duties: A teaching assistant, or aide, supports a teacher with supervising classroom activities and other instructional responsibilities to help students succeed both academically and personally. They often will help prepare lesson plans and monitor student progress.

2. Ultrasonographer

National average salary: $33,393 per year

Primary duties: An ultrasonographer, or ultrasound technician, uses sound wave technology to show visual information for doctors to use when diagnosing or treating patients. They prepare the equipment for the procedure and explain the procedure to patients.

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3. Sound engineering technician

National average salary: $35,401 per year

Primary duties: A sound engineering technician records or mixes audio either at a live event or in a studio. They set up and operate audio, broadcast, video and lighting equipment.

4. Early childhood education teacher

National average salary: $35,953 per year

Primary duties: An early childhood education teacher specializes in the developmental needs of young children to help them learn. Their job responsibilities comprise creating lesson plans, leading daily activities, engaging with students and monitoring progress in development.

5. Esthetician

National average salary: $36,707 per year

Primary duties: An esthetician helps clients clean and beautify their face and skin to maintain health and vitality. They address skincare concerns and provide suggestions for treatments. They often work with other healthcare professionals for long-term treatments and refer clients to physicians for advanced treatments.

6. Event planner

National average salary: $40,666 per year

Primary duties: An event planner organizes events, including all the details such as the venue, entertainment and vendors. They work with clients to meet specific needs and desires for a special event, creating schedules and negotiating contracts and reviewing bills and invoices.

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7. Contractor

National average salary: $45,957 per year

Primary duties: A contractor manages a construction site and ensures they have the proper labor and equipment to complete a project. Contractors make sure their sites are secure and advise clients on their projects. They often supervise all phases of construction, including planning, design and building, and coordinate work with other trade professionals such as plumbers and carpenters.

8. Heavy equipment operator

National average salary: $47,580 per year

Primary duties: A heavy equipment operator controls construction equipment, such as dump trucks and bulldozers. They maintain proper maintenance of their equipment and help unload and load it onto trailers. Heavy equipment operators may calculate loads and can read blueprints and designs, work with paving materials and help prepare sites for construction.

9. Recruiter

National average salary: $48,925 per year

Primary duties: A recruiter finds qualified candidates to fill job openings for an organization. They reach out to potential candidates through databases, social media and other methods. Recruiters often will perform screenings or brief interviews with candidates and may help negotiate employment terms.

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10. Property manager

National average salary: $51,229 per year

Primary duties: A property manager operates a unit of real estate, collecting rent and screening tenants. Property managers attract new tenants through advertisements and set leasing agreements. They also show properties to tenants, manage paperwork, conduct inspections, coordinate repairs and upgrades and perform basic accounting functions.

11. Plumber

National average salary: $51,776 per year

Primary duties: A plumber installs and maintains pipes for business or residential structures. They also respond to emergencies and resolve plumbing issues, read and interpret blueprints to plan new installations and ensure all work complies with regulations and codes.

12. General manager

National average salary: $53,383 per year

Primary duties: A general manager oversees daily business activities for an organization, including managing budgets and creating strategic plans. They help an organization reach its business goals through developing growth strategies and evaluating the performance of employees and departments.

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13. Carpenter

National average salary: $53,862 per year

Primary duties:¬†A carpenter measures, installs and repairs structures made from wood or other materials for buildings. They follow blueprints to follow a client’s requests, determine necessary project materials and estimate costs, operate hand tools and assist with planning structural design and layout.

14. Interior designer

National average salary: $57,369 per year

Primary duties: An interior designer works with homeowners or businesses to produce aesthetically pleasing indoor spaces with a sense of style and functionality. They meet with clients to find out their objectives and budget, create a design plan using computer software programs, submit drawings to building inspectors to meet codes and hire architects and other contractors for structural work.

15. Marketing consultant

National average salary: $59,493 per year

Primary duties:¬†A marketing consultant reviews an organization’s current marketing strategies and makes suggestions for improvement. They develop strategies to implement and prepare marketing materials and use analytical tools to measure the success of campaigns. They often use SEO skills, create videos and website copy and lead acquisition programs.

16. Facilities manager

National average salary: $62,769 per year

Primary duties:¬†A facilities manager directs the maintenance and upkeep efforts of an organization’s building or property. They inspect buildings for any potential issues, such as plumbing or electrical problems. Facilities managers monitor the safety and security of a location, looking for areas for improvement.

17. Executive chef

National average salary: $63,435 per year

Primary duties: An executive chef manages the daily operations of a kitchen. They plan food preparation and train new chefs about consistent food quality. Executive chefs often taste dishes before sending them to customers and review final plate presentations.

18. HR manager

National average salary: $69,221 per year

Primary duties: An HR, or human resources, manager supervises the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process of new employees. They also handle employee benefits and enforce company policies.

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19. Aircraft mechanic

National average salary: $69,472 per year

Primary duties: An aircraft mechanic examines parts of an aircraft to diagnose problems and maintain parts. They perform regular inspections to ensure the safety of the equipment, supervise other aircraft technicians and mentor new mechanics.

20. Surgical technologist

National average salary: $69,725 per year

Primary duties:¬†A surgical technologist prepares an operating room and equipment for surgery. Surgical technologists help ensure surgeries occur efficiently and in a sterile environment, monitor a patient’s condition during surgery, transport patients to and from surgery, and assist surgeons during surgery by handing them the correct instruments when needed.

21. Physical therapist assistant

National average salary: $70,904 per year

Primary duties:¬†A physical therapist assistant helps patients recovering from illnesses or injuries perform specific activities. They monitor a patient’s progress and report it to the physical therapist. They show patients how to perform exercises, document treatment sessions, fit and adjust support devices such as braces and perform clerical duties.

22. IT consultant

National average salary: $75,883 per year

Primary duties:¬†An IT consultant, or information technology analyst, works with clients to show them how to resolve IT problems, using their expert knowledge. This may involve removing viruses or installing systems, or assessing a company’s cybersecurity, software and data and analytics, and offer advice on improving their computer systems.

23. Accounting manager

National average salary: $77,979 per year

Primary duties: An accounting manager oversees the daily activities of the accounting team and all financial reporting duties in an organization. They analyze financial data and enforce accounting policies to ensure the department is efficient and submits accurate work. They may collaborate with other departments and managers to develop budgets to keep their company financially stable.

24. Dental hygienist

National average salary: $78,974 per year

Primary duties:¬†A dental hygienist examines patients and provides preventative oral care by cleaning patients’ teeth. They examine patients for signs of diseases or other issues, educate patients on maintaining oral health, take impressions of a patient’s teeth using a dental mold, conduct patient screenings and take oral health assessments.

25. Real estate agent

National average salary: $90,687 per year

Primary duties: A real estate agent organizes the buying and selling of a home or piece of property. Real estate agents also prepare the paperwork for property sales and perform market analyses and hold open houses and determine prices for properties.

26. .NET developer

National average salary: $95,312 per year

Primary duties: A .NET developer creates online software and applications using the .NET framework and language. They update existing software and provide technical support when needed. Their primary goal is to create applications to help resolve issues or improve customer experience by writing code or fixing bugs.

27. Finance manager

National average salary: $97,916 per year

Primary duties:¬†A finance manager oversees the financial health of an organization through implementing strategies to reach long-term goals and creating financial reports. They identify trends and projections for an organization’s finances and may advise a company’s management on how and where the company is allocating assets.

28. Network engineer

National average salary: $98,068 per year

Primary duties:¬†A network engineer creates, builds and maintains computer networks for an organization. They also troubleshoot problems and perform disaster recovery operations when needed, making sure their company’s computer systems run efficiently by installing new hardware and ensuring employees complete software updates.

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29. Software engineer

National average salary: $108,981 per year

Primary duties:¬†A software engineer builds database programs, digital products and computer systems for businesses, using a programming language. Software engineers work closely with clients to provide updates on the project’s status and make requested modifications. Software engineers may help developers design code for systems or applications and recommend upgrades.

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30. Chief technology officer

National average salary: $144,682 per year

Primary duties:¬†A chief technology officer (CTO) manages technology within an organization by outlining the company’s vision. They also help develop and implement technology strategies, evaluate systems, monitor and assess IT budgets and train and mentor employees on computer systems and infrastructure.

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31. Loan officer

National average salary: $176,466 per year

Primary duties: A loan officer evaluates, authorizes and recommends the approval of loan applications for a person or business. These professionals work with clients to determine their eligibility for a loan by discussing their need for the loan, evaluating their financial information and credit history.